Identification Longshot/Talking Point 653

  Brumas 22:21 20 Apr 2012

Good Evening All.

By Heck, you ‘orrible lot are running me ragged tonight ;o} Pick the bones out of this one.

click here

  birdface 22:35 20 Apr 2012

Looks like the Uk but not sure.Cars parked on the left so maybe outside the UK.

  john bunyan 22:37 20 Apr 2012

Trying to think of a connection with "Picking the bones out of this one" . A bit too cryptic for this hour. I may sleep on it!

  john bunyan 22:39 20 Apr 2012

It may be a one way street, as the stores are familiar - Boots, International Stores,etc

  rdave13 22:41 20 Apr 2012


  Brumas 22:42 20 Apr 2012

john bunyan no cryptic clues.....yet!

  Brumas 22:50 20 Apr 2012


I presume you mean Abington, Northamptonshire which would be approx 90 miles out. If you meant Abington in Scotland, that would be approx 380 miles away!

  rdave13 22:53 20 Apr 2012

Northamptonshire I thought. Missed by a paltry 90 miles.

  john bunyan 22:56 20 Apr 2012

Nottingham? Guessing now.

  Brumas 23:00 20 Apr 2012

Time for a clue, it is in Berkshire.

  john bunyan 23:07 20 Apr 2012


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