Identification Longshot/Talking Point 572

  Brumas 22:23 02 Dec 2011

Good Evening All

Let’s come inland and cross a border. Two bites of the cherry ;o}} click here

  iambeavis 22:24 02 Dec 2011


  Brumas 22:29 02 Dec 2011

iambeavis, A Frayed Knott ;o}

  iambeavis 22:32 02 Dec 2011

It's on the Scottish Borders then ?

  iambeavis 22:35 02 Dec 2011

Near Dumfries?

  Aitchbee 22:39 02 Dec 2011

A puff of chimney smoke and a donkey are the only signs of life....

  Brumas 22:39 02 Dec 2011

iambeavis, just under 30 miles out!

  iambeavis 22:41 02 Dec 2011

I'll try Kirkubright then?

  Brumas 22:45 02 Dec 2011

iambeavis, Well Done, Old Market Cross and Tolbooth, Kirkudbright.

  iambeavis 22:47 02 Dec 2011

I came across the top picture in one of the IL/TPs a few weeks ago but I couldn't remember whether it was Welsh borders or Scottish borders. Not often I remember things these days!

  TopCat® 22:53 02 Dec 2011

Good grief! I was posted there in the 50s to the Royal Armoured Corps tank firing ranges, but I've failed miserably to spot anything familiar from the postcards. :o( TC.

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