Identification Longshot/Talking Point 566

  Brumas 20:59 25 Nov 2011

Good Evening All

Previously, in replies to first time posters asking what, if any, the rules were I have said there were none however before I am hoist/hoisted? by my own petard I feel I need to change that answer and clarify the matter.

The whole idea of IL/TP is to provide hours of endless fun/involvement/whatever to while away Friday nights and often Saturday mornings. By posting ‘edited’ postcards one has to stretch the old grey cells, do some sleuthing and by a process of elimination using the internet/books etc. to research, find and/or corroborate your answer. I personally for the life of me cannot see point of using Google Image Search and finding the answer in 10 seconds flat, where is the enjoyment or sense of achievement in that? OK, so I used the word ‘cheat’ last week, perhaps that was a little harsh but it was more out of frustration then suitability!

In future I would prefer IT/LP to be a ‘Google Image Search exclusion zone’.

I derive immense pleasure in choosing the picture postcards and fielding the varied responses as well as enjoying the ‘craic’ and I hope it will continue in its present format for a long while yet to come. However, should G.I.S. be used extensively bear in mind I shall only post half a dozen at a time - once they've gone, they've gone!

I would appreciate your opinions on this.

End of rant!

Now to the business in hand. A nice easy one, with clues, to start off with ;o}} click here

  iambeavis 21:01 25 Nov 2011

The signage on the van says Belfast, but I guess it ain't that simple.

  iambeavis 21:04 25 Nov 2011

‘Google Image Search exclusion zone’ - I'll go with that.

  Macscouse 21:04 25 Nov 2011

Ooh! I love it when you get all official! A GIS free zone it is, Sir.

  Brumas 21:08 25 Nov 2011

Macscouse, thanks for your support.

  Brumas 21:08 25 Nov 2011

Northern Ireland it is.

  Brumas 21:09 25 Nov 2011

iambeavis, thanks for your support.

  john bunyan 21:14 25 Nov 2011

I agree. The few I have got right were because I have been there or there were obvios clues. Keep up the good work, Brumas.

  Brumas 21:15 25 Nov 2011

john bunyan, thanks.

  Macscouse 21:16 25 Nov 2011

Bingalau. Just a few bawbees.

  Brumas 21:17 25 Nov 2011

buteman, go south-east young man.

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