Identification Longshot/Talking Point 547

  Brumas 21:08 28 Oct 2011

Good Evening All. My, that was quick, let’s try this one. click here

  Macscouse 21:21 28 Oct 2011


  Al94 21:32 28 Oct 2011

Yes, Royal Avenue, Belfast

  asmara0208 21:32 28 Oct 2011

Royal Avenue Belfast to be precise

  Brumas 21:35 28 Oct 2011

Macscouse, Well Done.

  morddwyd 08:50 29 Oct 2011

Ah, the old Fifty Shilling Tailors.

A young man about town could look quite smart without spending too much, though the Fifty Shilling suit had long gone by the time I appeared on the scene!

  Brumas 09:06 29 Oct 2011

morddwyd, I believe Bingalau is still wearing his ;o}}

  Brumas 13:04 29 Oct 2011

Bingalau, touché ;o}

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