Identification Longshot/Talking Point 545

  Brumas 23:40 21 Oct 2011

Good Evening All. You do realise that you orrible lot are keeping me from my beauty sleep, and by heck I need it, so I will post another GENUINE UNIDENTIFIED POSTCARD kept for situations like this! click here

  Brumas 23:42 21 Oct 2011

I'm definitely hitting the hay, once again G'Night All.

  zzzz999 02:38 22 Oct 2011

That has a New Zealand look about it

  Crosstrainer2 06:36 22 Oct 2011

I wonder, Could that be Essex post the floods? I ask, because I remember that a lot of chalet type houses were destroyed, and many lost their lives. As for what looks like a tipped over ship in the background...I have no idea.. I shall have a browse..

Friends arriving @ around mid-day....I hope they don't read this, I'm really not feeling up to it, but they are making a special trip from London.

I wonder if I can find some of those old Images.....Anyone remember the date of that great flood?

  Crosstrainer2 06:37 22 Oct 2011

Well, here is the flood, but the year is certainly wrong:,r:4,s:31

  Crosstrainer2 06:39 22 Oct 2011

Sorry, can only post a general link to the page:

[Essex Flood ]1

  Woolwell 12:01 22 Oct 2011

It's taken from an odd angle. There is probably docks in the foreground or at least a quayside and the hill in the background may have a lighthouse or coastguard or signalling station on top of it. It may be a chalk hill.

  birdface 12:40 22 Oct 2011

It looks more like a Landslip to me rather than a flood.

  diy 22:04 22 Oct 2011


  cycoze 22:46 22 Oct 2011

diy, with that zig zag path you might be right.

  cycoze 23:28 22 Oct 2011

I think diy is correct, looks like the tower of St Philip & St James Church on Ropery Road

Nearest picture of Capstone Hill from similar angle I can find is here

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