Identification Longshot/Talking Point 467

  Brumas 23:30 03 Jun 2011

Good Evening All. An easy one before I turn in. click here

  Brumas 23:39 03 Jun 2011

I’m turning in, G’Night All. I expect the night shift will have sorted this by the time I am up and about tomorrow.

  birdface 23:54 03 Jun 2011

Either Regent st glasgow or Regent st London.

  Quickbeam 08:35 04 Jun 2011

Where does it say 'Regent St'? It's too fussy to see much for the content, even the stray dogs are keeping away from this street!

The building on the left must be a Prudential Insurance one, but most reasonable sized towns had one of those built from stone, even my backwater market town has one.

  Quickbeam 08:38 04 Jun 2011

...and there must have been a lot of shoveling up after the rush hour in those days:)

  Quickbeam 08:41 04 Jun 2011

Maybe not the Pru', it looks like an end 'E' on closer examination...

  Quickbeam 08:44 04 Jun 2011

...and Bryant & Mays are investing a lot in their advertisements for their newly developed safety matches.

Like I said, a very busy and fussy picture, too much to take in, in one go.

  QuizMan 09:05 04 Jun 2011

"Where does it say 'Regent St'?". The bend in the road, but not the buildings are reminiscent of Regent Street, London

  Quickbeam 09:11 04 Jun 2011

On the lamp post behind the hansom cab? I can't see anything sharp enough to read.

  Brumas 09:12 04 Jun 2011

Yes, it is London.

  Grey Goo 09:59 04 Jun 2011

The Omnibus looks like it it going to Manor House. Could be in the Shaftesbury Avenue,Charing Cross Road area.

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