Identification Longshot/Talking Point 461

  Brumas 20:59 27 May 2011

Good Evening All. And now for something completely different.... click here

  Macscouse 21:06 27 May 2011

Earls Court?

  badhair1963 21:10 27 May 2011

Never tried one of these before, but there's a first time for everything.

Park Works, Newton Heath, Manchester.

  Brumas 21:12 27 May 2011

No, but you are thinking on the right lines.

  octal 21:12 27 May 2011

It could be the old exhibition halls at Wood Lane, trouble is there are very few pictures of them.

  Brumas 21:13 27 May 2011

badhair1963, A Frayed Knot, but don’t let it put you off trying ;o}}

  QuizMan 21:15 27 May 2011

Bingley Hall, Birmingham?

  Macscouse 21:20 27 May 2011


  Brumas 21:27 27 May 2011

It is in London and, not being clued up with locations or venue’s addresses, I shall give the location. It is Wembley, But what are we looking at?

  badhair1963 21:27 27 May 2011

One last go, then I'm out of ideas. :)

Salford Iron Works?

  QuizMan 21:28 27 May 2011

Empire Exhibition 1924

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