Identification Longshot/Talking Point 443

  Brumas 09:26 09 Apr 2011

Try as I may, I could not get onto the site last night, so I shall post tonight at 21:00hrs, as I am busy all day. Thanks for all the concern.

  Bingalau 09:45 09 Apr 2011

We are all having difficulty with minor items. In spite of advice given I still can't find out how to green tick a thread. Having to enter tag words doesn't mean a thing to me either. The bit below this window saying "Tick here if you would like to subscribe to replies to this question" also means just a lot of jumbo to me. But then I always was thick.

  birdface 09:47 09 Apr 2011

Thanks for the information. Now how about just giving us a nice easy one just now so that we know you have it working ok. Oops busy all day so probably not.

  birdface 09:54 09 Apr 2011

Bingalau tick the last tick on the right hand side and it will turn green. leave it like that and that's how it is done.

  Quickbeam 10:02 09 Apr 2011

"I shall post tonight at 21:00hrs" That'll make it even harder wot with the picture being another 24 hours older.

  Brumas 10:28 09 Apr 2011

Quickbeam Wassup, you’ll be 24 hours older and wiser ;o}}

  Forum Editor 10:40 09 Apr 2011

Tag words

Imagine you're doing a search on Google - enter a couple of words (or more) that could be used by someone searching the site for your thread. "Identification longshot 443" for instance

Subscribe to emails

There's a tick in the box by default, which means that unless you remove it you'll get an email each time someone posts to the thread. We're going to change that, so the box will be blank by default. You'll need to opt in if you want email notifications.

Green tick

Select the correct answer and click on the tick that appears alongside.

  Quickbeam 10:57 09 Apr 2011

That's interesting, I thought it was just PCA staff posters that had their posts highlighted in a different colour, but it looks to be the post's author that gets highlighted.

  uk-wizard 13:57 09 Apr 2011

Quickbeam Yup and it appears at the top of each page.

  Brumas 14:46 09 Apr 2011

I will try out the green-ticking process in preparation for later on tonight :o}

  Pineman100 15:32 09 Apr 2011

Congrats, Brumas! You obviously have the technology mastered!


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