Identification Longshot/Talking Point 417

  Brumas 20:59 04 Feb 2011

Good Evening All.
Those old fashioned weighing machines used to be everywhere at one time and I can remember, as a young lad, trying to weigh me and a couple of my pals at the same time till the shop owner chased us off. Ah, those halcyon days of innocent fun :o}
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  octal 21:03 04 Feb 2011

I always remember those weighing machines at the front of Woolworths.

  Macscouse 21:09 04 Feb 2011

Good evening.

  Brumas 21:11 04 Feb 2011

An early clue, it is not in England.

  john bunyan 21:16 04 Feb 2011

Near a coast? Wales?

  birdface 21:17 04 Feb 2011

it has to be in to be Scotland somewhere.

  octal 21:21 04 Feb 2011

Nice band one TV antenna on the roof on the building on the right.

  birdface 21:24 04 Feb 2011

And a couple of nice cars.
Now I cant see whether that is the roof of a house or land jutting out of the sea.

  Brumas 21:31 04 Feb 2011


  john bunyan 21:37 04 Feb 2011

Just a guess: Holyhead?

  Woolwell 21:41 04 Feb 2011

I initially thought Minehead now looking towards Wales I'm thinking Llandudno.

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