Identification Longshot/Talking Point 349

  Brumas 23:34 10 Sep 2010

Good Evening All.
Last one before I turn in. A larger harbour than the last one I posted!

click here

  Brumas 23:41 10 Sep 2010

I'm turning in now folks, G'Night All.
This one shouldn't be too hard, we are still north of the tyne.

  birdface 00:05 11 Sep 2010

Looks like Cullercoats beach.

click here+(1)r.jpg

  Macscouse 00:19 11 Sep 2010

Spot on, Sir, first try. Has your compass gone awry?
Well done.

  octal 07:28 11 Sep 2010

It's a pity I went to bed early, I would have recognised Cullercoats Radio in the background callsign GCC click here the ship to shore radio station. I used to regularly hear them hear in London. All sadly gone now. Anyone interested in Cullercoats Radio click here

  birdface 08:38 11 Sep 2010

North of the Tyne did not really leave that many.
Without that little hint I would never had a clue.
Mind you his last clue was as usful as a wet piece of string.
Well to me anyhow.

  birdface 08:50 11 Sep 2010

Some nice photo's on there as well.
Did you just have a Receiver or a Transiever.
Still have a Transiever here but never use it.
use it for mainly CB transmissions.
Saying that it is very seldom switched on.
never ever got round to getting an Amateur licence.
Used to listen a lot but there are some very boring people out there so gradually stopped that as well.

  Brumas 09:15 11 Sep 2010

Well Done. The Bay and Wireless Station, Cullercoats.

  octal 12:43 11 Sep 2010

I have a transiever, here is a picture of my station

click here

I mainly use CW (Morse) although you can see a microphone in the top picture. In the top picture, on the left in the rack is the high power amplifier, above that sitting on top of the rack you can see the antenna matching unit. The bottom picture is the HF transiever at the bottom, just to the right is the electronic Morse keyer, above that on the left is the monitor scope and just to the right is a VHF transiever with a graphic equaliser sitting on top on it, now redundant as the transiever has its own equaliser, I built the equaliser for a previous transiever that didn't have one.

Cullercoats Radio used to operate on 1838KHz which was in the shared 160 metre band, during the evening they used to put a colossal signal into the south of the UK, I think we were in the right skip distance from them, they were stronger than North Forland radio who were far closer at the mouth of the Thames.

  octal 12:45 11 Sep 2010

Sorry about getting the spelling wrong for North Foreland for thems that live there :)

  birdface 15:49 11 Sep 2010

Sorry not getting that click here of yours it gets stopped with PCA's

click here

This is what I get.

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