Identification Longshot/Talking Point 291

  Brumas 20:59 23 Apr 2010

Good Evening All
What an impressive building, the house not the shop ;o)
click here

  Al94 21:03 23 Apr 2010

Is it in Cornwall?

  Brumas 21:12 23 Apr 2010

You've gone a mite too far west.

  Brumas 21:14 23 Apr 2010

I have just checked on Google street view, that fine imposing building, devoid of the foliage, is now the local Barclays Bank.

  STREETWORK 21:33 23 Apr 2010


  Brumas 21:37 23 Apr 2010

You shouldn't have crossed the Severn ;o}}

  Woolwell 21:40 23 Apr 2010

Holsworthy click here

  STREETWORK 21:41 23 Apr 2010

Drat, gotta pay the bridge toll now and show the passport...

  Brumas 21:44 23 Apr 2010

Well Done.

  Brumas 21:45 23 Apr 2010

You could always chance your arm and swim or, if the bore comes along, you could surf!

  Al94 21:47 23 Apr 2010

click here Holsworthy

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