Identification Longshot/Talking Point 263

  Brumas 21:59 12 Feb 2010

Good Evening All
A busy, busy spot and can you spot anyone not wearing a hat, apart from the lad at the drinking fountain, because I can’t!
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  User-1229748 22:03 12 Feb 2010

market sqaure wellington telford

  I am Spartacus 22:13 12 Feb 2010

Looks like Barnsley to me.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:19 12 Feb 2010

Irongate Derby

  Brumas 23:02 12 Feb 2010

Right county.

  Brumas 23:18 12 Feb 2010

Turning in now, g'night all. Expect the night shift to have solved this by tomorrow morning ;o)

  birdface 23:24 12 Feb 2010

I think Charlie Chaplin with his umbrella waiting to cross the street was just to put us off.
I was going to say it looks like somewhere in Glasgow but I would have been my usual distance away.
As it looks fairly busy I will say Sheffield.

  Quickbeam 01:08 13 Feb 2010

"can you spot anyone not wearing a hat"
That's probably why we think more people seem to have lost there hair nowadays, you couldn't tell when they all wore hats.

It's quite a busy scene with most of the people rushing from left to right purposefully, I've no idea why.

  Quickbeam 01:13 13 Feb 2010

Anyone else noticed that the young lad walking into the scene on the left, has a mobile phone glued to his ear, so it's obviously post 1988... but he's not texting, so that dates it within a three year period of the first mobiles, but before SMS in '91 hence the old style clothing...

  zzzz999 05:46 13 Feb 2010


  morddwyd 07:53 13 Feb 2010

Telford is in Salop, which Brumas says is the right county.

This would seem to mitigate against Sheffield!

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