Identification Longshot/Talking Point 260

  Brumas 23:24 29 Jan 2010

Good Evening All
I’m posting this then I orf to bed, dead tired, so I’ll catch up with the results tomorrow morning. G’night all.
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  Brumas 23:30 29 Jan 2010

I suppose I had better give a little clue to help the night shift - It is north of Hadrian's Wall ;o)

  Quickbeam 01:04 30 Jan 2010


  Quickbeam 01:05 30 Jan 2010

... mid to late '50s?

  Quickbeam 01:07 30 Jan 2010

... about 09:30 spring or late autumn?

  Quickbeam 01:09 30 Jan 2010

...again it looks like a Sunday, I don't think they're going for the messages...

  Quickbeam 01:10 30 Jan 2010

... the celtic market cross makes me think, north of the border...

  Quickbeam 01:11 30 Jan 2010

... and if you look at the uneven paving at the bottom right, it was definitely before the suing culture...

  Quickbeam 01:12 30 Jan 2010

...I'm going to bed to, cause I really 'aven't a clue...

  Quickbeam 01:14 30 Jan 2010

and it can't be a public holiday as the flagpole on the public building isn't flying a flag... night, night...

  Quickbeam 01:16 30 Jan 2010

...and the dour stonework looks Scottish...

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