Identification Longshot/Talking Point 259

  Brumas 21:10 29 Jan 2010

Good Evening All
No clues, you are too damn quick tonight!!
click here

  User-1229748 21:25 29 Jan 2010

charing cross

  Paddylad 21:59 29 Jan 2010


  Seth Haniel 22:11 29 Jan 2010

Stockton on tees?

  Brumas 22:42 29 Jan 2010

Looks like a clue is called for, it is south of the Thames.

  Woolwell 23:03 29 Jan 2010

There's still a lot of England south of Thames.

  Brumas 23:15 29 Jan 2010

Unlike you yo be picky ;o) It is in Kent, hope that narrows it down a wee bit for you ;o)

  Woolwell 23:17 29 Jan 2010

Maidstone, High Street.

  Brumas 23:21 29 Jan 2010

Well Done.

  Woolwell 23:24 29 Jan 2010

I'm still working on that ship accident.

  Brumas 23:26 29 Jan 2010

Thanks, I suspected as much so I've decided not to delete the image in case others are like minded.

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