Identification Longshot/Talking Point 249

  Brumas 21:05 08 Jan 2010

Good Evening All
Thats what I like to see, plenty of flags flying, I wonder if a parade is due as the policeman appears to be standing at attention?
click here

  realist 21:04 08 Jan 2010

The Quay, Dartmouth.

  cycoze 21:05 08 Jan 2010

Royale Castle Hotel could be Dartmouth.Royale Castle Hotel could be Dartmouth.

  Bingalau 21:07 08 Jan 2010

Dartmouth. Royal Castle Hotel.

  Bingalau 21:08 08 Jan 2010

Sorry Cycoze, You'e quicker on the trigger than me but just as likely to be wrong of course.

  cycoze 21:13 08 Jan 2010

realist beat me to it too on my screen !

Do our postings get logged via our own computers clocks I wonder? noticed on a few threads that answers are coming before questions, so assume if the person answering pc clock is showing 9:11 and the originators is showing 9:12 that the Forum post them in order of thier times rather than the forum server time.

  Quickbeam 21:14 08 Jan 2010

Is it to be the night of the psychic's?

  cycoze 21:14 08 Jan 2010

Does this work setting my time to 9:01 ?

  john bunyan 21:17 08 Jan 2010

Or even 21.01 !

  john bunyan 21:20 08 Jan 2010

Well done Realist . Brumas response was timed at 21:24 when my PC said 21.17. He must take lessons from Dr Who in moving faster than the speed of light!!

  cycoze 21:22 08 Jan 2010

21:00 it is, my haste to answer :(

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