Identification Longshot/Talking Point 186

  Brumas 22:25 26 Jun 2009

Good Evening All.
Last one tonight, so pick the bones out of this one :o)
click here

  Macscouse 22:33 26 Jun 2009

So, you keep the easy ones to the end, eh?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:35 26 Jun 2009

Buith Wells?

  Woolwell 22:38 26 Jun 2009

The tram's destination is Dockyard. Now which one?

  Woolwell 22:44 26 Jun 2009

Could be Chatham.

  Bingalau 22:45 26 Jun 2009

Sneaking another one in after I said I was going to bed is a rotten trick Brumas. Anyway it doesn't look like Portsmouth and not my idea of Devonport either. So maybe Chatham? or then again maybe Belfast? I will plump for somewhere near Belfast.

  dagnammit 22:50 26 Jun 2009

I think Belfast also, looks a bit like the Cave Hill in the background and those houses look similar to ones that where pulled down a couple of years ago in North Belfast.

  Bingalau 22:51 26 Jun 2009

That's a lovely big white ensign above the road, and I am sure I can see the MAA of one of my old ships. He never liked us Bootnecks of course.

Yes Brumas I have been partaking of a couple of rums. After all it is Armed Forces Day tomorrow in Southport. All I have to do is find those friendly matelots from the Pendleton RNA who give rum away for free and it will make my weekend.

  Woolwell 22:55 26 Jun 2009

The clock tower looks similar to this click here

I'll stick with Chatham. The last and only time I was there was 43 years ago.

  Brumas 23:09 26 Jun 2009

Well Done, two in one night. Railway Street Chatham.

  Bingalau 08:25 27 Jun 2009

Trust me to plump for the wrong one again...

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