Identification Longshot/Talking Point 158

  Brumas 20:57 27 Mar 2009

Good Evening All.
Ah, they don’t do advertising like they used to do! I should imagine this scene today will be equally as congested and busy?
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  newman35 21:52 27 Mar 2009

"I will therefore go along with STREETWORK and say London Road, Lewisham."

The clue was when Brumas said "It is not Lewisham, " at 21:38.

  newman35 21:52 27 Mar 2009

I must be the slowest typer - BOTH of you sneaked in!!

  Brumas 21:53 27 Mar 2009

""National Truss Society" don't they spend their annual holiday in Hernia Bay? The old ones, apart from Bingalau :o), are the best!

  Brumas 21:54 27 Mar 2009

Well Done. King william street it is.

  Brumas 22:04 27 Mar 2009

Any idea who the figure on the statue was?

  TopCat® 22:32 27 Mar 2009

I might get something right at last - of course the statue is that of King William IV. TC.

  Picklefactory 22:47 27 Mar 2009

William IV

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  Brumas 22:54 27 Mar 2009

Duhh!!! - of course it must be King William, how thick am I? (there is no need for a detailed answer from anyone!1)

  Picklefactory 23:09 27 Mar 2009

I assumed you only wanted to know which one of course ;o)

  Brumas 23:12 27 Mar 2009

Saved yet again, my cheque's in the post ;o)

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