Identification Longshot/Talking Point 107

  Brumas 21:12 29 Aug 2008

Good Evening All.
As the last one was solved in such a indecently fast time I shall post another.
click here

  Bingalau 21:19 29 Aug 2008


  Bingalau 21:34 29 Aug 2008

Brumas, Devious? Never.

  Brumas 21:44 29 Aug 2008

I do not usually give clues so earlier, but just to show I wouldn't know a devious thought if it bit me on the leg, I can say it is not Blackpool, Ullapool, Liverpool, Hartlepool or even good old plain Poole ;o))

  Brumas 21:45 29 Aug 2008

so earlier - read so early!

  Brumas 21:47 29 Aug 2008

*eyes rolled*

  octal 21:48 29 Aug 2008

About 81 Northgate's 79 to go after those clues :D

  Jim Thing 21:53 29 Aug 2008

Is it Gloucester? DD (on the nearest car) was a Gloucestershire County Council vehicle registration.

  octal 21:54 29 Aug 2008

The name of Dickens on the tram down the street.

  Brumas 21:56 29 Aug 2008

Have you ever heard that expression'Job's Comforter'

  octal 21:57 29 Aug 2008

Sorry, it's Dickins.

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