Identification Longshot and Talking Point 993

  Brumas2 21:37 29 Nov 2013

Good Evening All

About time we had a lump of water. What exactly and where precisely?

click here

  QuizMan 21:50 29 Nov 2013

It's the Manchester Ship Canal and if I am not mistaken, that's a swing bridge aquaduct.

  Woolwell 21:52 29 Nov 2013

Quizman has it. Barton Road Swing Bridge wikipedia

  QuizMan 21:53 29 Nov 2013

I think this is it - Swing bridge

  john bunyan 21:53 29 Nov 2013


Hole on one. Well spotted!

  QuizMan 21:58 29 Nov 2013

What puzzles me most about that picture is that the boat on the left seems to be going full steam ahead into the stationery ship.

  Brumas 22:00 29 Nov 2013

QuizMan Well Done

  Woolwell 22:02 29 Nov 2013

2 tugs - head and stern tug. If you look closely you can see the lines attached from the ship to the tug. Nowadays they are not required so much due to bow thrusters. But in those days a ship like that wasn't very manoeuvrable in a canal.

  QuizMan 22:04 29 Nov 2013

Woolwell - my thanks for your expertise. I live and learn.

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