Identification Longshot and Talking Point 947

  Brumas 20:59 20 Sep 2013

Good Evening All

Ah well, back to the fray ;o} Two for the price of one and, as I’m feeling generous, an early clue - it is not in England, Ireland or Wales ;o}}

click here

  john bunyan 21:23 20 Sep 2013

Could it be Bank Street Alexandria Vale of Leven Nr Loch Lomond? Needed the clue re Scotland,


[Vale of Leven ]1

  john bunyan 21:25 20 Sep 2013


[Vale of Leven ]1

  john bunyan 21:26 20 Sep 2013
  john bunyan 21:26 20 Sep 2013
  john bunyan 21:27 20 Sep 2013

Links difficult to load tonight

  rdave13 21:30 20 Sep 2013

Brumas " an early clue ".... now that made me laugh at your generosity. The Tartan colours made me think of Scotland. For the life of me I cannot think why...............


  john bunyan 21:43 20 Sep 2013


Your bridge was good. Brumas seems to have green ticked it. I am finding the site slow and the link difficult to post. I may be a bit less on here as time goes on, recent CT scan not good but ok at the moment.

  Woolwell 21:57 20 Sep 2013

john bunyan - Sorry to hear that about your scan.

The site is slow for me but I'm having Virgin problems. They have a technical fault and are throttling back everyone in the evenings at busy times. I should get 60 Mbs but currently only 3.

  rdave13 21:59 20 Sep 2013

john bunyan , the NHS are the best and you're in excellent hands. Thinking of you even thoughh I wouldn't know you from an apple if I saw you on the street.. , best wishes.

  john bunyan 23:17 20 Sep 2013

Thanks guys. Hopefully being referred to the Marsden in London to take part in research trials subject to lots of tests. Bit of a problem as I live near Portsmouth. Too much sunbathing in the old days...

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