Identification Longshot and Talking Point 871

  Brumas 22:46 19 Apr 2013

Good Evening All.

I’ll finish off with a GENUINE UNIDENTIFIED POSTCARD but which is really a TALKING POINT as I don’t think the ship could possibly be identified.

click here

  Woolwell 22:48 19 Apr 2013

It's a part of the ship's steering.

  Woolwell 22:49 19 Apr 2013

You're right about being unable to identify the ship.

  onthelimit1 22:59 19 Apr 2013

jock1e - I think you mean Marie Celeste!

The wheel on the right looks damaged, and there are two further hubs on the shaft.

Repair facility?

  Woolwell 23:01 19 Apr 2013

Judging by the clips on the door then it is an entrance to a watertight compartment. Similar clips were used on RN ships until quite recently.

  Woolwell 23:05 19 Apr 2013

It is damaged. I guess that there would have been 3 ship's wheels in place. But I think that this is the emergency steering position and the chain may have led to the main steering position.

  Brumas 23:18 19 Apr 2013

Woolwell I am of the same opinion as I'm pretty sure when I did basic training on T.S. Vindicatrix (an old sailing hulk) there was a similar arrangement which was used to teach the Deck trainees.

  Brumas 23:30 19 Apr 2013

I'm turning in, G'Night All.

  Woolwell 12:26 20 Apr 2013

The rope running up the centre of the ladder used to be fairly common when the side handrails were not in place. There is gearing after the vertical tube which I think may be the base of a mast.

  Woolwell 12:55 20 Apr 2013

I think that it is a badly stowed hammock on the desk.

A moustached man on a ship is a rarity.

  Woolwell 13:00 20 Apr 2013

HMS Caroline's tiller flat

It's not a match but gives an indication of what the steering gear may have looked like with all 3 wheels in place.

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