Identification Longshot and Talking Point 785

  Brumas 23:34 23 Nov 2012

Good Evening All.

We are still in Scotland but I am definitely turning in now folks

click here

  Quickbeam 08:02 24 Nov 2012

The High Street.

  Quickbeam 08:03 24 Nov 2012

...dunno where though, there's no canine clues to indicate just where:)

  Brumas 09:11 24 Nov 2012

Quickbeam, Good call, seems nothing escapes your microscopic scrutiny ;o}}

  Brumas 09:13 24 Nov 2012

It is in Dumfries and Galloway.

  john bunyan 09:43 24 Nov 2012

Good call Jock 1e. I was in bed but would not have got it!!

  morddwyd 10:37 24 Nov 2012

Knew it as soon as I saw it.

Can quite make out if that is the old ram, tribute to the wool trade, on the plinth, perhaps he came later.

Birthplace of "Stuffy" Dowding, CinC Fighter Command, 1940

  Brumas 10:57 24 Nov 2012

Jock1e, Well Done High Street Moffat with Monument.

  john bunyan 16:15 24 Nov 2012


Often went out in s/m's from Faslane to take part in work up or "Perisher" training to practice s/m in SF work. Would sometimes arrive at night in Rothsay in a couple of canoes, buy about 26 lots of fish and chips from Zavaroni's fish and chip bar, put them in a dustbin liner then set off in the dark to rejoin the s/m. Locals must have thought we were hungry as the s/m was submerged...but we gave them to the s/m crew in return for borrowing a bunk instead of sleeping in the "fore ends". Too many stories to recount here. Happy days and nights.

  Woolwell 18:24 24 Nov 2012

Jock1e - All sub repair/depot ships scrapped a long time ago.

  Woolwell 18:27 24 Nov 2012

Jock1e - You probably saw HMS Adamant wikipedia

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