Identification Longshot and Talking Point 770

  Brumas 22:21 09 Nov 2012

Good Evening All.

A nice wide square, it hasn’t changed much.

click here

  QuizMan 22:24 09 Nov 2012

This looks vaguely similar to one not so long ago. No idea where though, the grey cells aren't what they were.

  john bunyan 22:31 09 Nov 2012

Gods county?

  QuizMan 22:31 09 Nov 2012

Grey cells are being engaged. I am sure I have been here when visiting old family friends in Hunmanby. Are we in Yorkshire, perchance?

  Brumas 22:35 09 Nov 2012

By Heck, your'e reet!

  john bunyan 22:37 09 Nov 2012

I think Brumas is advertising that county. Malton. Looked for "Old markets in yorkshire" See 3rd row down:

Malton Market

  Brumas 22:39 09 Nov 2012

I shall be turning in soon, some antibiotics prescribed for a minor ailment that never was, has launched a full blown attack on my Hiatus Hernia and to say I am uncomfortable would be an understatement!

  john bunyan 22:39 09 Nov 2012

Quizman - your help appreciated!

  Brumas 22:40 09 Nov 2012

john bunyan, Well Done

  john bunyan 22:40 09 Nov 2012


Hope you feel better soon!

  QuizMan 22:41 09 Nov 2012

Well done JB, you just beat me to it. I had just found exactly the same website and web page. For a change though I remembered to refresh the page before posting. It took a while because Francis Frith did not come up trumps on this occasion.

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