Identification Longshot and Talking Point 769

  Brumas 21:57 09 Nov 2012

Good Evening All.

Don’t take your waders off just yet!

click here

  john bunyan 22:07 09 Nov 2012

May be wrong, but I once visited Iceland, stayed in Reykjavik. On the menu was roast puffin. Interesting place, very thin on trees. Trying to find a photo. Hit re keeping feet wet helped.

  QuizMan 22:12 09 Nov 2012

Reykjavik looks about right - not sure where exactly though

  QuizMan 22:14 09 Nov 2012

Found a photo - Reykjavik

  john bunyan 22:14 09 Nov 2012

A bit like it: Iceland

  Brumas 22:18 09 Nov 2012

john bunyan, Well Done . There is no other caption to the postcard other than Reykjavik .

  Brumas 22:49 09 Nov 2012

Woolwell good sleuthing!

  Quickbeam 00:07 10 Nov 2012

Not even an Arnie Saccnuson impersonator in sight, where is everyone? With only a few hours daylight available for the chores, even the streetwise dogs should be active.

  morddwyd 09:09 10 Nov 2012

"On the menu was roast puffin."

I just had boring old halibut, about two inches thick, and about two feet across!

Less than a couple of hours out of the water.

I can taste it yet!

  john bunyan 17:00 10 Nov 2012

Many interesting things in Iceland. An Icelandic friend read English at Harvard and when the tutor asked if anyone could understand Beowolf's poems he said he more or less spoke it daily.Also their surnames are derived from a parent's first name, so Magnus' son's name might be Jon Magnusson and his daughter might be Ingrid Magnusdottir. This leads to difficulties in the phone book as so many have the same surname they have to add on their trade or profession. I think their parliament is the oldest continuous one around.The worst thing I tasted was some rotted whale meat - worse than war- tome Snoek. I think they could outdo even morddwyd's Scots friends when it comes to Saturday night drinking!A very interesting place but I think a difficult one for a non Icelander to settle in!

  Brumas 17:24 10 Nov 2012

john bunyan, very interesting, thanks.

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