Identification Longshot and Talking Point 754

  Brumas 21:29 26 Oct 2012

Good Evening All.

Time for a lump of water.

click here

  Bing.alau 21:32 26 Oct 2012

I wish I still had my photoshop on board. I might then be able to zoom in on the writing on the wall of the Neptune Hotel for some clues. Certainly a nice looking little place.

  john bunyan 21:33 26 Oct 2012

Portrush Co Antrim. Ladies bathing pool

  Bing.alau 21:37 26 Oct 2012

Somewhere down in the West Country perhaps? Then again the building in the background looks like a barracks. I don't think they have big barracks down there except maybe Plymouth. So I will have a guess at Stonehouse? jb will be laughing his head off at the suggestion.

  Aitchbee 21:39 26 Oct 2012

I was thinking north coast of Ireland as well ... the bus we were on 2 summers ago, went along that road.

  john bunyan 21:40 26 Oct 2012

Kerr Street Portrush

  Brumas 21:41 26 Oct 2012

john bunyan, Well Done

  Woolwell 21:41 26 Oct 2012

Bing.alau - That's given me a chuckle too. It's not in the Plymouth area. Well not that I recognise.

  Woolwell 21:44 26 Oct 2012

john bunyan - you may have to explain how you knew so quickly that it was the ladies bathing pool.

  Brumas 21:46 26 Oct 2012

Woolwell nod nod, wink, nudge, say no more ;o}

  Bing.alau 21:49 26 Oct 2012

Yes, I was still looking for the ladies, There seem to be a couple walking along with their brollies up. Maybe jb had a double date that day.

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