Identification Longshot and Talking Point 729

  Brumas 20:59 21 Sep 2012

Good Evening All.

and don't, for one minute, expect to get any clues on this one.....;o}

click here

  john bunyan 21:04 21 Sep 2012

Melbourne, Derby Road.

  john bunyan 21:05 21 Sep 2012

Wont be on long tonight - out of hospital today with various tubes!

  Bing.alau 21:06 21 Sep 2012

jb. You were waiting for that weren't you? If it's correct I know you are back on form.

  Bing.alau 21:07 21 Sep 2012

jb. Don't overdo anything have an early night. Glad you are out.

  Brumas 21:07 21 Sep 2012

john bunyan, Well Done perhaps you should lend Bingalau some tubes - it might help him out ;o}

  john bunyan 21:11 21 Sep 2012

Bingalau, Brumas

Coming here was a motivation to get away from the medics - Mon - Fri was enough! Thanks for welcome.

  Bing.alau 21:13 21 Sep 2012

Hey Brumas. Watch it. I've had enough tubes stuck in various orifices in my life time to last thank you very much. I certainly do not want second hand ones, You never know where they've been. Now stop faffing about and get the next postcard on here

  Brumas 21:13 21 Sep 2012

john bunyan Don't go thinking you are going to get preferential treatment just because you are walking wounded ;o}

  Woolwell 21:15 21 Sep 2012

According to Street View it is now the Spar shop.

Is there anywhere john bunyan doesn't know?

Glad to know that he is safe out of hospital.

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