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Identification Longshot and Talking Point 719

  Brumas 22:33 24 Aug 2012

Good Evening All.

Some smashing old cars here.

click here

  john bunyan 16:26 25 Aug 2012


Thanks. Likely to be in 4 nights, off driving and hard work for a while!!I was thinking of buying a wireless dongle, but will use Brumas' puzzle as an excuse to get them to discharge me on Friday latest!


I will think of you enjoying a dram and will resist a press of the pain killer button!

  Brumas 17:29 25 Aug 2012

john bunyan Believe it or not it is Fran who is the single malt aficionado, I don't like spirits of any description and my choice is Adnams Broadside - so I may have a couple of bottles on the day and do hope all goes well with you.

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