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Identification Longshot and Talking Point 717

  Brumas 21:09 24 Aug 2012

Good Evening All.

You’ll have to get your feet wet for this one ;o}

click here

  Strawballs 21:13 24 Aug 2012

Real stab in the dark New Orleans

  Brumas 21:15 24 Aug 2012

It is not in North America, I know I said I wouldn't give early clues but as it is not in the UK I will make an exception.

  Macscouse 21:18 24 Aug 2012

Cape Town SA

  john bunyan 21:19 24 Aug 2012

Wellington NZ

  QuizMan 21:20 24 Aug 2012

Definitely South Africa - try Kimberley (for a Good Call)

  Brumas 21:22 24 Aug 2012

Macscouse it isn't Cape Town but it is in South Africa.

  Macscouse 21:23 24 Aug 2012


  Brumas 21:23 24 Aug 2012

QuizMan, Good Call.

  john bunyan 21:23 24 Aug 2012

The lamp post tops look similar Wellington and wellingtons stop feet getting wet?

  QuizMan 21:26 24 Aug 2012

It was the Kimberley & Alexandersfontein tram - tram

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