Identification Longshot and Talking Point 695

  Brumas 21:52 13 Jul 2012

Good Evening All.

Quite an usually wide thoroughfare.

click here

  asmara0208 22:00 13 Jul 2012

Is it France

  Brumas 22:16 13 Jul 2012

asmara0208 A Frayed Knott ;o}

  WhiteTruckMan 22:20 13 Jul 2012

Is it even a photograph? It has a strange look to it, as if it might be a drawing. Maybe its been 'colourised'?


  Brumas 22:29 13 Jul 2012

WTM Fran says it is a vintage printed, lightly coloured pre-1918 postcard. Lots were hand coloured but this is just as this particular printer turned them them out.

  WhiteTruckMan 22:34 13 Jul 2012

I wouldn't have guessed colour printing was that advanced in those days.

Live and learn...


  WhiteTruckMan 22:45 13 Jul 2012

Well I'm stumped. No vehicles of any kind whatsoever, no visible church, no immediately obvious pub, not even any obvious sign of shops etc. Was going to say not even street lighting, but I'm not too sure about that now, as there may be something in the foreground.

I'm vaguely thinking scotland, possibly because of the architecture, possibly because of the building materials.

But I wouldn't bet any money on that that I couldn't afford to lose!


  Condom 22:46 13 Jul 2012

It looks like Dublin to me

  Brumas 22:53 13 Jul 2012

WTM if you look at it closely you can see just how primitive it was.

  Brumas 22:54 13 Jul 2012

WTM It is Scotland.

  Woolwell 22:59 13 Jul 2012

The problems with this site meant that I have not looked at all this evening.

It looks like a model town. That's quite a lot of open space.

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