Identification Longshot and Talking Point 694

  Brumas 20:59 13 Jul 2012

Good Evening All.

There’s not a lot one can say about this one really!

click here

  john bunyan 21:04 13 Jul 2012

From the trees, somewhere in Scotland maybe - the similar buildings look institutional. Brumas. Next week, 20th I am in hospital for a few days – having a 3 hour op on Friday evening, so will not have the pleasure of your “teasers”. Hope to be back by the following week if the risks my surgeon worryingly mentions do not come to pass!!

  Brumas 21:11 13 Jul 2012

john bunyan Hope your impending op will prove to be success but you don't have to go to that extreme just to skive off one of my puzzles ;o}

It is not in Scotland.

  Macscouse 21:23 13 Jul 2012

Good luck JB.

Somewhere on the south of the Borders, perhaps?

  john bunyan 21:26 13 Jul 2012

Some sort of educational or military installation, there is a lot of new build and roads.The trees ate typical Forestry Commission,I will wiat for a clue whilst trying to concentrate on the buildings.

  Nontek 21:27 13 Jul 2012

Yes, good luck JB!

Is it in Germany - the Black Forest?

  Brumas 21:28 13 Jul 2012

A clue, it has a YO postcode.

  Nontek 21:31 13 Jul 2012

YO of course is York.

  Brumas 21:34 13 Jul 2012

Nontek aye, but the YO postcode covers an helluva large area ;o}

  namtas 21:43 13 Jul 2012

It looks like an area that I have spent nights marshalling for the RAC Rally, is it Dalby Vilage in Dalby forest, near Pickering North Yorks?

  john bunyan 21:48 13 Jul 2012


Well spotted!

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