Identification Longshot and Talking Point

  Brumas 15:03 16 May 2014

Good Evening All

There will be no IL/TP next week,Friday 23rd, because Fran and I are undertaking a mammoth trip around England, to see and stay with with friends and family we haven’t seen for yonks.

Monday: Belford to Peterborough.

Tuesday: Peterborough to waltham Abbey.

Wednesday: Waltham Abbey to Bodmin.(2 nights)

Friday: Bodmin to Preston to rest and stay two days with the kids!

We shall be avoiding motorways and taking our time, stopping as and when the mood takes us. I am trying to plan a route from Bodmin (Nanstallon actually) to Preston and finding one that avoids large built up areas and motorways is proving a challenge. I don’t have a satnav as I prefer maps.

Any daytime cup of tea stops along the way would be a bonus ;o}

  Brumas 18:57 26 May 2014

Have all you 'orrible lot been behaving whilst I was away? Having quickly whizzed through the week's postings I see the answer is quite obvious ;o}

Regarding the Beast of Bodmin: whilst wandering through the in-laws run down and overgrown 40 acres of gardens and garden centre I'm positive I saw said beast. When I returned to the house and described it to them it appeared loping across the far lawn - my face isn't so red now but that gigantic (and I mean ginormous) moggie certainly fooled me!!

Not so much speechless as gormless!!

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