Identification Longshot and Talking Point

  Brumas 17:29 03 Apr 2013

Sorry for such short notice but there will not be one on Friday night because I am informed we shall be visiting our Son and Daughter in Preston for a long weekend. Daughter's last minute suggestion and Fran's acquiescence means strict compliance on my behalf - I never argue with the two females I love the most ;o}

  Aitchbee 17:53 03 Apr 2013

Brumas - Thanks for that info ... a slight change in [anybody's] routine is always a boon.

  Brumas 18:01 03 Apr 2013

Jock1e thanksfor the heads up, intend getting there around noon.

  Brumas 18:02 03 Apr 2013

Aitchbee aw, and here's me thinking that you'll miss me ;o}

  john bunyan 18:14 03 Apr 2013

Have a good trip. I am off to the Forest of Dean on Saturday and to a funeral there on Monday (sadly). Have a good trip - how about a crafty posting on Thursday? Sorry I missed last weeks offerings as I was away then too.

  fourm member 18:14 03 Apr 2013

Watch your height.

I was walking along a street in Preston once and a man walking towards me said 'Expletive deleted, you're a tall expletive deleted'.

Still makes me smile whenever anyone mentions Preston.

  bremner 18:52 03 Apr 2013


They talk funny in Preston don't they

  Brumas 20:06 03 Apr 2013

fourm memberI'll just have to stoop then because I am a six footer ;o}

  Brumas 20:08 03 Apr 2013

john bunyan thanks and you too! I might be tempted and then again I might not! ;o}

  Brumas 20:08 03 Apr 2013

bremner Wrong coloured rose so they're bound to!

  Bing.alau 20:47 03 Apr 2013

Right coloured rose... Have a nice day.

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