Identification Longshot and Talking Point 2056

  Brumas 20:58 09 Nov 2018

Good Evening All

This is a fine example of the type of shop to be found in most towns and cities in the early 20th century. The shop number is 24 and it is next door to a ‘Chard’ Chemist shop but where?

Fortunately this card came with a lot of ephemera, amongst which was a Pamphlet all about the Scotch Wool & Hosiery Stores listing all their shops in Great Britain and Ireland. There were 7 number 24s in all which I list below.

24 Westgate St IPSWICH

24 Fore St REDRUTH

24 High Street TONBRIDGE

24 Bridge St WALSALL

24 Powis St WOOLWICH SE18



don’t ever say I don’t make it easy for you ;o}

  Brumas 14:39 14 Nov 2018

F.E., thanks fo the explanation, i do like learning a new words or pieces of knowledge and I'm surprised it wasn't in one of my favourites click here

I am also a firm believer in exercising one's muscles and the brain, although it is not a muscle it behaves like one, I find the easiest one to exercise on a daily basis. Having said that I am always either looking up words I do not know the meaning of or finding the origins of things familiar. I am now a repository of, some would say 'useless information' but they are only jealous ;o}

Edith Weston is a delightful village on the edge of Rutland Water, a place we used to visit regularly when we lived in Bourne but did you know that Edith Weston was Queen of Edward the Confessor?

1]: [click here

  Forum Editor 15:36 14 Nov 2018

"...did you know that Edith Weston was Queen of Edward the Confessor?"

No, I didn't. When I was at university, I became very interested in the Tudors - Henry VII and Elizabeth in particular - and the interest has continued ever since. Other than that, I'm fairly ignorant about our kings and queens.

  Brumas 15:50 14 Nov 2018

Forum Editor, write out 500 times - I must broaden my horizons ;o))

  Aitchbee 22:42 14 Nov 2018

i do like learning new words or pieces of knowledge

... yerheidsfulomince!

  Brumas 22:55 14 Nov 2018

Aitchbee, och awae an bile yer heid !! ;o}

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