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Identification Longshot and Talking Point 2019

  Brumas 20:50 27 Jul 2018

Good Evening All

You’ll never believe this but it is perfectly true. Whilst sorting out the postcards just now for tonight I came across a Black Bull Hotel and I thought, hang on this looks familiar.

My Son, daughter-in-law and grandson had rung me previously to say he had an odd couple of days off and thought they would come down Monday and drive back Tuesday, staying overnight in Wooler. We had a grand time and said we would meet them at their hotel on the Tuesday morning for a cup of tea etc. before they drove back.

It was the Black Bull on my unidentified postcard; I wonder what odds Aitchbee would give me on that ever happening? Well Done to moi ;o}} Anyway, on with the motley…

Tonight's offering has a village stocks, a market cross and a shop owned by Thalliday.

  Brumas 22:32 27 Jul 2018

As I am inundated with responses I shall have an early night, having a throbbing headache, caused by this apocalyptic thunder storm doesn't help!

G'Night All.

  Govan1x 06:12 28 Jul 2018

I was just looking at the one in the background.

Click here

  Govan1x 06:15 28 Jul 2018

Ignore that on a closer look nothing like it.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:03 28 Jul 2018

Suspect Yorkshire due to the name Thalliday, searching only shows pics for Ripley and woodhouse near sheffield

  QuizMan 12:55 28 Jul 2018

It appears to be a drinking fountain. My first thought was Buxton, but it is not. Then I thought about other spa towns. Nothing yet although Harrogate fits the bill if its Yorkshire.

  Govan1x 00:50 01 Aug 2018

Maybe a different view of this one may or may not help.

Click here

  Govan1x 00:52 01 Aug 2018
  Govan1x 00:56 01 Aug 2018

Sorry my click here's does not work for me using Chrome but work ok using Firefox.

  Govan1x 01:05 01 Aug 2018

Not sure if this is the thalliday shop in the background. cant quite make it out but looks promising.

click here

  john bunyan 08:49 01 Aug 2018


Brilliant find. That’s it! Am on iPhone so can’t use some functions of this site

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