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Identification Longshot and Talking Point 1912

  Brumas2 21:21 19 Jan 2018

Good Evening All

Out for a stroll with the pet pooch, however it looks like the women need the exercise more than the dog ;o}

  Brumas 17:55 20 Jan 2018

john bunyan, it probably is as the crow flies but I always use the distance by road and that is 20.3 miles according to Google maps - anyway it is not worth falling out over old pal, I wouldn't want you and owd morddwyd coming round to blow us up ;o}}

  john bunyan 18:54 20 Jan 2018


Good point; I have been off form recently, so needed an excuse. Had a few problems with old laptop and using desktop irritates Mrs B......

  Brumas 21:41 20 Jan 2018

john bunyan, I'll use that irritatingly banal phrase - 'no probs' ;o}

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