Identification Longshot and Talking Point 1902

  Brumas2 21:19 05 Jan 2018

Good Evening All

Some fantastic old jalopies here, is that large one on the left a Humber Super Snipe?

( Humber is not a cryptic clue!)

  john bunyan 21:25 05 Jan 2018

Looks like Petworth Square - I live not too far away


  john bunyan 21:26 05 Jan 2018

PS Usually visit Petworth House with any foreign visitors.

  john bunyan 21:28 05 Jan 2018

A bit colder

Petworth with snow

  Brumas2 21:30 05 Jan 2018

john bunyan, Well Done.

  Brumas2 21:31 05 Jan 2018

Any takers on identifying the car?

  john bunyan 21:39 05 Jan 2018

Maybe a Merc?

Merc 300

  Brumas 21:47 05 Jan 2018

john bunyan rear door doesn't seem to accommodate the bulge of the rear wheel like the target vehicle?

  john bunyan 21:49 05 Jan 2018


I agree; I looked at Humber and Daimler but ran out of time. Got to go out in a mo.

  Brumas 21:50 05 Jan 2018

john bunyan, fair do's, catch up with you next time.

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