Identification Longshot and Talking Point 1705

  Brumas2 22:24 20 Jan 2017

Good Evening All

Two chances, can’t be bad ;o}

  Brumas 22:37 20 Jan 2017

Long time since I gave one of my (in)famous cryptic clues: One of Stanley Holloway's monologues mentions the name ;o}.

  asmara0208 23:06 20 Jan 2017


  Brumas2 23:10 20 Jan 2017

asmara0208, Well Done.. Ramsbottom from Bury New Road and from Whalley Road.

  asmara0208 23:13 20 Jan 2017

We owe it to all Albert and a misspent youff

  Brumas 23:20 20 Jan 2017

asmara0208 nice to meet someone else who appreciates Stanley Holloway's monologues.

  asmara0208 23:21 20 Jan 2017

More Stanley Unwin, if truth be told

  Brumas 10:26 21 Jan 2017

asmara0208, him too ;o}

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