Identification Longshot and Talking Point 1478

  Brumas2 22:28 11 Dec 2015

Good Evening All

What is being opened, where and by whom?

  Brumas 22:30 11 Dec 2015

Iv'e just realised I didn't obscure the name on the lifebelt, duhh. Well, you now know it is London!

  bumpkin 22:32 11 Dec 2015

The leaning tower Pizza by general Franco

  Brumas 22:37 11 Dec 2015

bumpkin, close, very close but to what. I haven't a clue ;o}}

  john bunyan 22:41 11 Dec 2015

Via the King Alfred clue, the ship was with the old LCC; following up,

LCC King Alfred

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:42 11 Dec 2015

Greenwich - Hammersmith paddleboat service approx 1907

Did we have a King Alfred in those days ;0)

  Brumas 22:43 11 Dec 2015

john bunyan, Good CallOpening the L.C.C. Steamboat Service but by whom?

  john bunyan 22:44 11 Dec 2015

Follow up to LCC. Old P of wales.

Isle of Dogs

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:46 11 Dec 2015

HRH prince of Wales

  Brumas 22:47 11 Dec 2015

rdave13, *Fruit Bat /\0/* but who opened it? and the exact date please!

  Brumas 22:48 11 Dec 2015

*Fruit Bat /\0/* and the date for the full brownie points? ;o}}

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