Identification Longshot and Talking Point 1448

  Brumas2 22:39 30 Oct 2015

Good Evening All I can see two men in the field maybe the Gents are out of order ;o}

  Brumas 22:58 30 Oct 2015

Check the signpost.

  QuizMan 23:02 30 Oct 2015

Upper Sheringham?

  Govan1x 23:03 30 Oct 2015

On the Holt Norwich road.Narrows it down a bit I suppose.

  Brumas 23:08 30 Oct 2015

QuizMan, you are not a million miles away, go west by northwest old pal.

  QuizMan 23:10 30 Oct 2015

Please don't say it is Weybourne. I was there only the other week!

  Brumas 23:14 30 Oct 2015

QuizMan from Weybourne you could walk it in just under an hour ;o}

  QuizMan 23:16 30 Oct 2015

Salthouse - been there too

  QuizMan 23:18 30 Oct 2015
  Govan1x 23:34 30 Oct 2015

Looking good QuizMan.

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