Identification Longshot and Talking Point 1244

  Brumas 20:59 19 Dec 2014

Good Evening All

Start off with a fine aerial view.

click here 21:17 19 Dec 2014

let's get the ball rolling.

It looks like some sort of religous si.te, possibly an abbey

  john bunyan 21:20 19 Dec 2014

I have looked at many monasteries without success so far

  Woolwell 21:20 19 Dec 2014

A college going by the rugby posts.

  QuizMan 21:21 19 Dec 2014

Looks more like a school or college (unless the monks play rugby!)

  Brumas 21:25 19 Dec 2014

It is a college.

  sidecar sid 21:36 19 Dec 2014

Christ College Brecon.

  Brumas 21:39 19 Dec 2014

sidecar sid, Well Done.

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