Identification Longshot and Talking Point 1208

  Brumas 23:01 24 Oct 2014

Good Evening All

Last one tonight is A GENUINE UNIDENTIFIED POSTCARD, unposted so no clues to be had. Definitely one for the night shift ;o}

click here

  Woolwell 23:08 24 Oct 2014

I'm not sure it is in UK. Could be a lookout post or gun battery at the top.

  Brumas 23:20 24 Oct 2014

I'm turning in now Folks, G'Night All.

  john bunyan 09:30 25 Oct 2014

Tried, using Photoshop, to improve the clarity of the image - looks like an observation or lookout. The lady at bottom left gives an idea of the scale.


  john bunyan 11:45 25 Oct 2014


Would love to try but the DVLA have withdrawn my licence for 2 years following brain surgery.

The "castle" is a mystery; it seems a bit barren and Gibraltar, or maybe the Channel Islands are possible candidates - I have tried "military look outs" etc with no success and have to go out soon. (Wife as chauffeuse ) . This is a hard one.

  Woolwell 16:11 25 Oct 2014

Fairly sure that it is not Gib as I have spent some time there including a month with the Army.

I have considered further east - India, Yemen or even China.

  caccy 16:34 25 Oct 2014

If this is an old (1920-75) I would eliminate any Arab country as the woman does not have a headscarf on and is showing too much leg!!.

My first thoughts were somewhere in Asia.

  john bunyan 16:48 25 Oct 2014


Maybe, but the "Castle" looks European (design)

  john bunyan 16:55 25 Oct 2014

Most of the men are in white with white headware..The flag seems not to be the Union flag?

  john bunyan 19:00 25 Oct 2014

Maybe this is an "unsolved "one? Could it be in a N African country like Morocco or Tunisia where there were "castles" and the dress was more "relaxed"? I have scoured Castles, Observation and Lookout points in Oman, Dubai, Tunisia, Morocco , Aden, Channel Islands and admit defeat for now! The dark men in white with white clothes and headgear are puzzling.

  Brumas 12:54 26 Oct 2014


I think you are on the right track. Can I see a chap, not unlike a Sikh soldier, squatting in the field below the bottom building on the right?

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