Identification Longshot and Talking Point 1183

  Brumas2 22:33 12 Sep 2014

Good Evening All

How about a nice view from the church tower?

click here

  Brumas 22:48 12 Sep 2014

A clue before I stagger off to bed, it is in Berkshire.

  Brumas 22:52 12 Sep 2014

I'm turning in now Folks, sorry to cut it short but I think bed is the best place for me right now, G'Night All.

  john bunyan 23:01 12 Sep 2014

Guess Newbury

  Brumas 09:06 13 Sep 2014

john bunyan, you are not a million miles away ;o}

  Woolwell 10:41 13 Sep 2014

Jock1e - I'm out of form at the moment!

  john bunyan 10:41 13 Sep 2014


I think you are the most tenacious of us all! I cannot spare the time this morning on this one as "she who must be obeyed" has set DIY tasks in the garden.

  Aitchbee 10:57 13 Sep 2014

I'll have a guess that that cultivated piece of land in the foreground is the Henley allotments just off London Road in Thatcham.

  Brumas 11:07 13 Sep 2014

Aitchbee, Well done.

  Woolwell 12:47 13 Sep 2014

I had a look at Thatcham earlier too. Well done Aitchbee.

  Aitchbee 21:13 13 Sep 2014

Thanks y'all. I was 'inspired' to look up the wikipaedia website on 'allotments in Berkshire towns' - Thatcham looked a good bet ... and I also had the luxury of not bein' told what to do by 'my better half', 'cos I haven't got one. HEE HEE.

PS. Try some homemade chicken soup. Brumas.

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