Identification Longshot and Talking Point 1170

  Brumas 23:03 22 Aug 2014

Good Evening All

This is A GENUINE UNIDENTIFIED POSTCARD, as usual unposted so no clues!

click here

  iambeavis 23:08 22 Aug 2014

It looks as though the ship is registered in France - Fecamp.

  Brumas 23:13 22 Aug 2014

iambeavis, looks promising, all we have to do now is narrow down the area.

  Brumas 23:22 22 Aug 2014

I'm turning in now folks, G'Night All.

  iambeavis 23:27 22 Aug 2014

In 1970 we were alongside in Le Havre, in July, and I took a trip to Fecamp. As I remember it there were white cliffs there, of the type that can be seen in the background of the photo.

  iambeavis 23:28 22 Aug 2014

I'm off to my bunk now. Goodnight.

  sidecar sid 09:18 23 Aug 2014

Pretty sure iambeavis has got it.

click here

  john bunyan 09:33 23 Aug 2014


You were the true star last night. This, with sidecar sid's help was a very good find - the whiting was so dim I did not see it and still would not have known of that place.

  iambeavis 10:28 23 Aug 2014

Good grief, a half-remembered memory from my days under the "Red Duster" seems to have come good.

  Brumas 13:01 23 Aug 2014

iambeavis, Well Done from one ex-merch to another ;o}}

  iambeavis 14:02 23 Aug 2014

Ex-merch indeed. Even after all these years shoreside, I still miss the lullaby of the diesels (or the hum of the "gennies", in port). No insomnia back then. :)

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