Identification Longshot and Talking Point 1147

  Brumas2 21:41 25 Jul 2014

Good Evening All

Another nice old jalopy ;o}

click here

  john bunyan 21:44 25 Jul 2014

Can you recheck the link? Two barefoot guys plus another, several wooden bird cages??

  Woolwell 21:47 25 Jul 2014

Link is to Merchant Navy in Far East?

  Brumas 21:48 25 Jul 2014

Ah spot the deliberate mistake.

This is A GENUINE UNIDENTIFIED POSTCARD unposted and nothing on the back. I thought these may be miners, the birds in the cages to test for gas, but they look too clean and are unshod and bare-headed!

  john bunyan 21:49 25 Jul 2014


Yes - the upper deck of a merchant ship -is that a fire hose behind the men. No sign of a car!!

  Aitchbee 21:50 25 Jul 2014

Lookin' straight in the face of people is not good Brumas. please be more respectul.

  Brumas 21:53 25 Jul 2014

I'm losing it tonight, I'm ex-merch and I didn't even think of it. Having said that, I was catering not below decks in the black gang!!

  Woolwell 21:56 25 Jul 2014

Could be a towing hawser under the wraps behind the men.

  rdave13 21:58 25 Jul 2014

Why have caged birds on a ship? Is that round hole, in the background, a porthole?

  Brumas 22:02 25 Jul 2014

rdave13 you'd be surprised at some of the 'pets' I have seen on board some of the ships I have been in!!

  Woolwell 22:05 25 Jul 2014

Caged birds as pets are not unusual at sea. I knew one RN ship which had a parrot.

Looks very much like a porthole although RN ones tended to be circular rather oblong. Hence may be a merchant ship. Bare feet is unusual but I. Wonder if these are divers?

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