Identification Longshot and Talking Point 1146

  Brumas 20:57 25 Jul 2014

Good Evening All

Can I spot a VW beetle or do I need to go to SpecSavers?

click here

  Brumas 22:51 25 Jul 2014

Nontek Guddonya old pal;o}}

  Nontek 22:54 25 Jul 2014

Brumas Silly me though, meant to say Still not really well enough, but still looking in!

  Nontek 22:56 25 Jul 2014

BTW, when were you in Bahrain? I was there Spring 1968 to end of 1969.

  Nontek 23:01 25 Jul 2014

Off to bed now - perchance to actually SLEEP! Night Night All.

  Brumas 23:15 25 Jul 2014

Nontek. 3/2/70 to 2/11/70, I still cannot stand the heat!!

  Nontek 12:50 27 Jul 2014

Brumas Hmm, if you were on a floaty-thing then I guess that would be a bit warmer then most, especially down-below!

I spent a lot of time in the desert - loved every minute!

  Brumas 17:26 27 Jul 2014

Nontek I wasn't on a floaty thing or a flyee thing I was at the ordnance depot at Muharraq in the kitchens where it was too bloomin HOT!!!

  Nontek 23:11 28 Jul 2014


Right ... I used to love going to the civilian restaurant at the Airport, great meals (and drinks) while watching the airport comings and goings.

Anyway - enough, Night Night!

  Brumas 13:03 30 Jul 2014

Jock1e thanks for thinking of me but I quite like using the correction tools in iPhoto as I am used to it and find it very easy, thanks again old pal :o}

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