Identification Longshot and Talking Point 1145

  Brumas 23:02 18 Jul 2014

Good Evening All

Last one tonight is a panoramic view with a nice lump of water in the distance

click here

  Brumas 23:08 18 Jul 2014

A clue before I turn in, it is in the West Midlands, G'Night All.

  Woolwell 08:31 19 Jul 2014

Reminds me of Barnt Green.

  Woolwell 08:33 19 Jul 2014

The problem is that it is in Worcestershire not West Midlands.

  Brumas 09:08 19 Jul 2014

Jock1e, under 10 miles adrift, go west old pal.

  Brumas 09:45 19 Jul 2014

Jock1e Kings Norton is just under 5 miles away so you are getting nearer, keep going west ;o}

  Woolwell 09:54 19 Jul 2014

Bartley Green rather than Barnt Green.

  Woolwell 10:13 19 Jul 2014

Jock1e - The person who took the photo seems to have imbibed at the pub before. Where is it?

  Brumas 10:22 19 Jul 2014

Woolwell you are just under 5 miles adrift, go south young man.

  Ex plorer 10:26 19 Jul 2014

Yes odd the only vertical is the iron post in front of the door whilst iron posts lean to the lean in opposite directions either side.

The camera is pointing up from low down, my guess is if it were level it would bring more of the picture with even verticals from where it was taken but would keep the roof line higher on the left.

  Woolwell 10:28 19 Jul 2014

I'm getting confused now because that takes me back towards the Upper and Lower Bittell Reservoirs which I thought were in Worcestershire and not far from Barnt Green.

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