Identification Longshot and Talking Point 1132

  Brumas2 21:38 04 Jul 2014

Good Evening All

Snow use complaining about the picture quality, it is a very old postcard ;o}

click here

  john bunyan 22:07 04 Jul 2014

South East? Kent can be snowy sometimes

  QuizMan 22:12 04 Jul 2014

JB - not this year it wasn't

  john bunyan 22:21 04 Jul 2014


No. but the clothes indicate about 1912 or so - do you remember that year>

  QuizMan 22:25 04 Jul 2014

JB - My father does!

  Brumas 22:32 04 Jul 2014

john bunyan affirmative and the year is 1909,Good call

  john bunyan 22:51 04 Jul 2014

Westcourt Arms Canterbury Street Gillingham. Searched by 1909 and Medway pubs and up came the Medway council website!

Medway council

Thanks Brumas for 1909 steer(Quizman my mothers birth year)

  Brumas 22:54 04 Jul 2014

john bunyan,Well Done

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