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Identification longshot No. One of One

  Nontek 15:38 23 Aug 2012

With apologies to Brumas!

Probably be too easy, rare Aerial photo Circa 1920, yes I did say 1920!


  Aitchbee 22:45 23 Aug 2012's a suggestion that you may consider.

If there was a way to 'display the answer' (before the answer was legitimately guessed correctly to your postcard puzzle) to the visitors to your friday night competition [like me for instance]...that might add to the entertainment.

It would require a little bit of computer code to allow this to happen.

perhaps...(Do you want to know the answer...but not take part).

This is what they do on Radio4's "I'm Sorry I Havn't A Clue"... when a voice says...

For those listening at home "The answer is..."

This idea would only work on known locations of postards.

  Brumas 22:56 23 Aug 2012

Aitchbee Thanks, but no thanks old pal. I'll stick with the way it is, I'm happy with it and 'if it aint broke i am not going to fix it' ;o}

  Strawballs 21:01 24 Aug 2012

I was born in Portsmouth now live in Gosport

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