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Identification longshot No. One of One

  Nontek 15:38 23 Aug 2012

With apologies to Brumas!

Probably be too easy, rare Aerial photo Circa 1920, yes I did say 1920!


  Flak999 16:23 23 Aug 2012

Portsmouth harbour!

  csqwared 16:29 23 Aug 2012


Looks good to me

Portsmouth Harbour 1920

  Nontek 16:35 23 Aug 2012

Well done guys - I said it would be too easy - but then my name is not Brumas!

  john bunyan 16:43 23 Aug 2012

Unfair! I live 3 miles away but am only glued to the quiz at 2100 on Friday, so missed it. Leave it to Brumas, interesting as it is.

  Nontek 17:08 23 Aug 2012

john bunyan

Agreed, leaving it to Brumas, but could not resist this one - hence One of One!

We must be near neighbors!

  john bunyan 17:21 23 Aug 2012


I am not far from HMS Collingwood. Howdy neighbour! Spent a long time in and around Pompey harbour in former military days so enjoyed your view of it.

  Nontek 18:14 23 Aug 2012

in and around Pompey harbour in former military days

Me too, HQ Maritime Gp RCT.

  Brumas 22:02 23 Aug 2012


I can see in the future that I shall have to resort to Identification Longshot/Talking Point™ ;o}

  Nontek 22:09 23 Aug 2012


Don't change a thing - we all look forward to your cryptic clues, even those of us who are pretty useless at the guessing game.

But it is nice to just say a casual hello to near neighbors, without hogging the thread(s).

  Brumas 22:23 23 Aug 2012

Nontek As they say around these parts 'Ney Botha', I think that's how it is spelt ;o}

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