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This idea SHOULD work out expensive.

  oresome 21:02 18 Jul 2018

Drivers who stick to speed limits will be sent congratulatory letters praising their motoring skills.

PC Heidi Moxam, Road Casualty Reduction Officer for the south-west force, said: "Our aim is to create a road respect culture in Dorset by highlighting the benefits of being more considerate to each other on the road."


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  bumpkin 20:42 20 Jul 2018

*Why do you get an endorsement on your licence if you drive badly? *

You don't, you get penalty points.

  Pine Man 07:44 21 Jul 2018



Taken from website -

The courts can fine you and ‘endorse’ your driving record with penalty points if you’re convicted of a motoring offence.

Endorsements must stay on your driving record for 4 or 11 years, depending on the offence.

The endorsement and penalty points are put on your driver record. View your driving licence record to see what penalty points you have and when they’ll be removed.

  oresome 08:29 21 Jul 2018

From my original link:

Another commented: "What a load of rubbish, surely the testament to good driving is to have a clean record for many years, not some stupid letter through the post."

I've had a clean licence since I obtained it 53 years ago. Neither have I attended an awareness course to avoid endorsements despite being on the road much of my working life and travelling 30-40 thousand miles per year. The one 'blemish' to my driving record was a parking fine 52 years ago received in Whitby, North Yorkshire.

(The Citroen 2CV and the Reliant Regal I once owned no doubt helped limit any speed aspirations I had.)

Perhaps a telegram from the Chief Constable would be apt.

  Forum Editor 11:02 21 Jul 2018


"I think if I'd had a Police Car following me for 5 miles I would have been demonstrating my very best driving behaviour too."

The car was unmarked, as I said.

"Makes you wonder why if you were driving properly they picked on you to 'follow'"

It does, doesn't it? Perhaps it was the car I was driving at the time - who knows (or cares)? At the time, I was so busy being surprised I didn't think to ask.

  Forum Editor 11:06 21 Jul 2018

"Perhaps a telegram from the Chief Constable would be apt."

It would also be a miracle - the telegram service ended in 1982.

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